About Shanté

Shanté  Clair 

Shanté  Clair 

Shanté Clair is a retoucher who believes that getting the best from the raw file is first step in ensuring the best end result. After spending 9 years living and working in New York, Shanté moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 2015 to resume a long-awaited experimental music project. She is available as an off-site resource for all of your retouching needs. Available full time, Shanté enjoys bringing images to life and will use both her technical and creative ability to refine every image with a high level of attention to detail and tasteful, appropriate execution.  

For over fifteen years, Shanté has gained extensive experience being a part of the pharmaceutical, retail and financial advertising industries as a graphic designer, production artist and retoucher, and is looking to focus her various talents in the fashion and beauty advertising industry as a high-end retoucher. 

She is proactive, enthusiastic and has an excellent sense of aesthetics. She has a strong desire to learn new software and techniques to keep abreast of the latest processes and trends. Her patience, positive attitude and problem solving skills make her an invaluable member of any creative organization.

Summary of skills

  • Mac-based with Wacom Tablet and Adobe Creative Cloud suite
  • Extensive experience in latest versions of Photoshop, Bridge,
    Indesign, Illustrator, Premiere, Acrobat and Camera Raw
  • Photorealistic retouching, color correction and image manipulation skills
    including high-pass healing methods that retain the skin’s natural texture
  • Fine arts background with meticulous eye for detail, perspective,
    lighting and composition
  • Expert layout, typography and design skills with professional understanding
    of all aspects of post-production and four color print process
  • Exceptional listening/note-taking skills with the ability to adhere to client
    specifications and aesthetics
  • Fast learner of company processes and guidelines for image
    consistency and quality assurance

Other useful skills

  • Extensive experience with video editing in Premiere
  • In depth familiarization with the construction of complex
    tables and charts utilizing efficient construction techniques
  • Experience working within brand systems and adhering
    to brand guidelines
  •  Familiar with data organization, batch renaming and processing,
    and image archiving methods

References available upon request.